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我們的特色是中英雙語的旅遊服務,以滿足不同顧客的需求。我們的網站提供的線路與團隊涵蓋了美國東岸、東南部和加拿大的著名景點。並且,導遊都接受過正規的專業培訓,對於美國各地的風土人情和名勝擁有豐富的經驗與知識。他 們能夠為你提供最貼心,最優質的講解服務,來滿足顧客不同的需要。

樂悠遊接受多種支付方式。顧客可以安全快捷的支付,更改,和取消訂單。如果您對我們的服務有任何問題或者需要更詳細的諮詢,歡迎發送郵件至 support@pack2travel.com。我們會盡全力為您提供最優質最經濟實惠和最適合您的服務。



Welcome to Pack2Travel!

We make it easy for you to plan your next leisure trip around America. Currently, we are collaborating with several well-known and experienced travel agencies among Asian American communities. We devote in providing the best quality travelling experience for our customers with the lowest price on the market. The website allows our customers to research, plan, and book a tour.   

We feature Chinese-English bilingual tour products, which include sightseeing and many more. The tour routes and groups that our company now offers cover all the famous scenic spots of the East Coast, Southeastern district of the US and Canada. Furthermore, tour guides are all well-trained and knowledgeable. They make the best accommodation to serve the different needs of our guests.

Pack2Travel accepts various payment methods. Customers can safely and easily place, change and/or cancel orders through our website. Please feel free to send us emails at support@pack2travel.com for further consultation. We will provide you with our service that is most cost-effective, the most diverse and, above anything else, the most tailored to your specific need.

Have a wonderful trip!